Ny Pizza Eastlake

New York Pizza Eastlake is a Pizza Restaurant in Palm Harbor Florida and they are serving the community with New York style pizzas, Sandwiches, Entrees and a lot more. We build their website and also some marketing, how you can see they show up first on google when you search pizza near that area. 

Lisa's Kitchen

Lisas Kitchen is Authentic Chinese Restaurant in Boca Raton Florida. We build their website a year ago and we have been doing some SEO improvements without google or Facebook ads, and how you can see they are in the first page of google when you search Best Chinese Food in Boca Raton Florida, also if you search authentic Chinese food in Boca Raton Florida you can see them on the first page, if you re near that area just search Chinese food near me you can see that restaurant is on the first page of your search.